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Conversations with my Mom…

I am not sure that I should be writing this post right now, because I have been fighting back tears all day…and I can’t say that it was very successful. I just finished spending several days with my Mom since she was able to fly in to Dallas after going to her Silpada conference in Kansas City. (If you want some amazing jewelry, you should check out their website and email her at !)

The first few days were all fun, we eat, laughed, watched Netflix, did lots of shopping, bought cute things for the baby and just had a good time. We had fun with Jeremy all day and then had some girl time in the evening when he would go to work. Last night was our last night and we just sat on the couch and talked, laughed and cried. We talked about the hard times we have come through and the ways that they have shaped our lives and made us the people we are today. Reflecting back on our fun times, and the conversations that we had I realize that the situations in my life have shaped me, but she has shaped me more. I could have never dealt with everything I have faced in my life if it were not for her.

Tears run down my cheeks as I write this post, and I realize now why it was so hard to say goodbye this time. I want to be for my little girl what she is for me: the one who I have laughed with and cried with, the one who has taught me in school and in life, the one who led me to Christ, a best friend and a shoulder to cry on, the best mom she could possible be…

I am so thankful for who she is and pray that I can be to my little girl what she is for me.

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Jeremy Schmucker

I love all three girls in that picture!

Jeremy Schmucker

just notice I think you both have the same Silpada necklace on! lol – like mother like daughter…

Margaret Dorsett

Wow what a beautiful testimony of gratitude. This revelation will bless all 3 in this picture and the one taking the pic, assuming it’s Jeremy. :) Life changing week and inspiring.

Cindy Jones

Moms are so special. It is good that you have realized these things while you are still young. Thanks for sharing.


Loving you and watching you become such a wonderful woman, has been one of the most enjoyable and blessed times in my life. I have seen God do his work in your life, as I have tried to love and guide you on a path with eyes set on Him. When I look at you I see that I have accomplished great things, “but by the grace of God”. I do believe you will continue on this path and do great things not only for your family, but also for God. Kristin, I am very proud of the girl you were, and the woman you have become. I love you.

Megan Andzulis

I started tearing up just reading this! Haha makes me want to spend a day with my mom.

Caitie T

This post almost made ME cry! I feel the same way about my mom! You’d think that saying “bye” would be easier the older you get, but I think it gets harder every time. Thanks for sharing your heart! I love you, Kristin!

Karen Stott

Teared up… amazing post… you are so blessed.

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