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Clearing the Clutter in the Office Closet

The closet in our office was definitely the black hole in our house. We live in a small space, which doesn’t bother me, but storage is a challenge. This year we have been putting a ton of time into creating pretty packaging. The thing is, with pretty packaging come a lot of extra stuff. I knew that we needed to have all of our packaging at our fingertips so it would be easy to put packages together. The office closet was the clear choice, but it needed a makeover.

I am a bit embarrassed to show this before picture of our closet, because it was a mess! There was so much stuff stacked on top of stuff. It was the overflow for our kitchen, bathroom, and office. The amazing part about it is, when I started pulling things out of the closet so much of it was stuff we don’t need anymore. I got rid of a bunch, and put some other things in storage.

The end result is that everything we need to package is at our fingertips. We have been working on our office makeover for awhile and it is coming along. I can’t wait to blog all of the images once we finish up a few more things.


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Marilyn Schmucker

Very impressive and inspiring. Doesn’t it just feel good emotionally as well. Clear and free to work! Woohoo! My hats off to you!

Caitie Sheppard

Yay! Don’t be embarrassed…I’m pretty sure we ALL have at least one place in our house that we wouldn’t want anyone else to see! ;) We have “junk drawers”… :P Awful!

Rachel McCloud

Good job :) My husband and I are in the process of doing this to the ENTIRE office ;).

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