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Clearing the Clutter and Keeping Things Positive

I mentioned a few days ago that several of you have been asking for some organizational and productivity posts, and I am listening! This is one of those things that might not seem related to getting things organized and getting things done, but it is!

Facebook…we all probably spend a little too much time on it, and especially when you own your own business it is easy to convince yourself that your time spent on Facebook is business related. But really…it is a huge time sucker that steals away lots of time in the day when we could have been productive.

Aside from the fact that Facebook and other forms of social media can tend to steal time away from us doing big things in our business, or doing other things that really matter, I have one other huge issue with it. A few months ago I made a huge effort to eliminate things that are negative from my life. I know it might sound straight from a cheesy self help book, but this has made a huge difference for me. I get easily distracted by negative things in my life. I think about them more than I should and tend to let them make me worry unnecessarily.

So here is my challenge to you, and if you will do it will make a huge difference. Head over to Facebook, and clean up your newsfeed. If someone is contantly negative remove them from your feed, if you don’t even know this person remove them from your feed, if you find yourself feeling jealousy when you read their posts remove them from your feed, if you feel like you are in constant competition with someone remove them from your feed, if you feel irritated by their posts remove them from your feed. You don’t have to unfriend these people if you are not comfortable with that, but I think it is so important to clear the clutter and negativity from every aspect of our lives including social media. This might seem silly to you, it did to me at first too. But, when I actually did it, I can’t even tell you how relieved I felt. Removing negativity from your life will have a profound effect on how much you can accomplish and how you feel.

Why is this so hard? We like to know what is going on. This isn’t just a blog post for you to read, this is a post you should do something about! Leave me a note in the comments if you cleaned up your feed a bit, or if there is another topic you would love to be discussed in this new series!

Clear the clutter, and make time for what really matters.


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