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Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve Y’all! We are enjoying a little time off this week to spend with little Miss Stella. We visited Santa this weekend and we have been wrapping gifts all weekend. Jeremy is the master wrapper in our house, and there are lots of pretty gifts ready to go under the tree. We can’t put them under quite yet because Stella REALLY loves to open presents and she wouldn’t be able to wait. So we will put them out after she goes to bed tonight. We are so excited to begin our own Christmas traditions as a family.

I always love hearing what other family’s do as part of their Christmas celebration. For Jeremy’s family Christmas included reading the Christmas Story, opening 1 gift on Christmas eve and playing games with family. For me, Christmas included waking up before the sun, stockings at the foot of the bed, and the hustle and bustle of making Christmas dinner with family. We will be in our home for Christmas this year, and we are so excited to incorporate traditions from both families, and make some of our own.

What Traditions does your family have at Christmastime?

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Dawn Heierbacher Danne

we do the 25 days of christmas and do something each day of december, little not big. we started december 1st by decorating the tree, other days it might be decorating cookies, seeing christmas lights, gingerbread house, etc. etc. we just moved at the end of december so I was not quite as elaborate this year as I was last year. Our other tradition is to get as many presents as possible for bus kids and needy families and I have the kids help me with passing them out and sorting them. christmas day dinner is at ben’s mom’s house, we also found a really awesome live nativity this year and we will surely make it a part of our christmas tradition every year. christmas eve day is spent at ben’s mom’s baking. christmas eve night we take a drive and look at christmas lights and let the kids open one of their big gifts. We are still working on our traditions as a family so I think this blog is great cuz it gives me some more ideas.

Tammy Damore

My new tradition, ( since its never to late ) is that all my children and their children come home to Nana and Pop Pops house for Christmas morning! It hasn’t started yet , but hopefully one day!

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