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Celebrating 3 Years | A Royal Surprise

Well today is our three year anniversary. As I think back to when Kristin and I first met, it’s really hard for me to remember life without her. We met my second (her third) year of college. We graduated together. Then got married. Then we went to grad school together. Graduated from that too. Started our own business together. Then moved across the country to TX. I started grad school yet again. We had our first child last November. It almost feels like life before “us” was when I was a wee little lad.

We decided to celebrate our 3 year anniversary last night together. Since we have moved here to DFW Kristin has probably mentioned to me five or six times that she’s never been to Medieval Times. We’ve passed the castle on I-35 numerous times in Dallas but never took the time to go. So I knew I had to be cunning with the surprise.

You see, Kristin is REALLY good at figuring out surprises. Actually, it’s more like she won’t stop asking questions until you answer her. Even though I don’t think I’m giving her any clues by answering her non-stop questions, somehow she always seems to put it all together, and then when the secret is revealed she goes “oh good, I was hoping this was it!”

Well yesterday was different. I kept my mouth shut (for those of you know me, you can now pick your jaw up off the floor). I also decided to take an alternative route to the Castle to confuse her even more. It worked!!! The whole time Kristin was asking “where are we?” “How far is it?”

Then my worst fear is when we are approaching the destination but we aren’t officially there yet. Fortunately Kristin was looking at all the pretty buildings our her window and the castle was out my window to the left. So I quickly rounded the corner and when we pulled in to the parking lot…..SUCCESS! She was surprised. I was so happy. She was so happy. Our faces matched those of all the little kiddos piling in! Haha.

Well we actually spent the night away from our cameras. It was weird at first. We took a few pics with our iPhones…but they’re kinda ugh. So of course we dressed up like royalty…let some high schooler using a Nikon camera with a kit lens and two cheap soft-boxes take our picture (insert laughter). Right before the picture, I told Kristin “Hey I’m not smiling.” She said, “ok.” So here’s a pic with our iPhone of the pring………..

jeremy and kristin dallas wedding photographers medieval times


Thanks for being my best friend and my true love. Life without you is not life at all. I love you so much…

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