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Learning to be Deeply Rooted

A few weeks ago my 4-year-old daughter came home from school and asked if we could plant a flower. She had learned that day about how plants grow and was beyond excited to watch one grow herself. We went to the store, and I found an extra small pot with a couple of sunflower seeds included. So we brought it home, planted the seed, and began to wait. My daughter became frustrated when the seeds we had planted did not immediately grow before her eyes and became disinterested – until several days later when we could see a tiny sprout start to emerge from the dirt. After growing a few inches, it was time to transplant into a bigger pot. The roots had run out of room, and it needed space to grow.

What I didn’t expect through this ordinary process is that God met me while watching this tiny plant. He used a tiny sunflower sprout to show me areas where I needed to change and grow.

Something God showed me about myself is that I am scared of being deeply rooted. I’ve made friends, I’ve invested time and energy, but it’s always been easy for me to pick up and leave. It’s almost comforting to me to think of moving away and starting over. Staying still means someone might know me too well. Someone might see the ugly parts of my soul. Someone might notice my shortcomings and failures. They might see who I really am. I romanticize the idea of moving far away and meeting new people and reinventing myself. I want these perfect relationships and communities, and when it doesn’t look exactly the way I want, I tend to run and get disinterested. Just like my daughter did when she saw no growth in her sunflower.

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Waiting with Wonder

What do you feel like you are waiting for right now? A friend of mine asked me this question earlier this morning and it took me hours to respond. There are many things I am waiting for answered prayers about: things like spiritual redemption in my family and job decisions for the future and finances […]

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Encouraging Your Husband in His Walk With God

I get asked a lot of questions, and sent a lot of prayer requests, and this one is one of the most common. It comes in different forms, but it comes back to women who desire for their husband to hunger for the Word, and passionately follow the Lord. I recruited my husband Jeremy for help […]

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Stop Glorifying Busy

For some reason, being busy is the in thing these days. Your success is often judged by how much you do. As women, we chat about other women, and we make comments like “how does she do it?”, and “she has so much on her plate”. We make those comments like it is a good […]

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Why I Became a Morning Person

I wasn’t always a morning person, but somehow over the last two years I have changed that…and now the morning is my favorite time of the day. I mentioned yesterday that 2013 was a big year for me…it was the year that I decided to really make time for the things that matter. For me […]

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