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The Seasons Change…Yet, He Remains

So often the future seems so uncertain. Things seem to spin around me at times, as I am faced with adjustment and trying to figure things out. I like to have a routine, and since moving that routine seems to have been nonexistent while we seek to settle into the rhythms of this new season […]

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September Scripture Challenge

Back in May I held a Scripture challenge, and it was so great to commit to being in God’s Word with hundreds of women. Accountability helps so much in our lives, and being in Scripture is no exception. So starting September 1st we will be doing another Scripture challenge. Everything you need to know is […]

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A New Beginning

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur…hence the lack of blog posts. Last week we packed up everything that we own, and moved across the country from Texas to Pennsylvania to begin our church planting journey. We said lots of goodbyes to people that have walked through life with us, and […]

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Following Rules ≠ Spiritual Maturity

Over the past few months as I have been studying the book of Galatians for my new devotional journal, God has been teaching me so much. Before studying the book of Galatians so in depth, I had certainly read it many times, and even memorized several verses from the book. I don’t think I had […]

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We Have a Hope

I have been thinking a lot lately about our hope, and the fact that apart from Christ we don’t have hope…but in Him, we can hope continually. Because of this great hope that we have in Him we must praise Him. It has been a hard first half of the year, and we have faced […]

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