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Top Posts of 2014

I thought I would do a little roundup of the most popular posts in 201. Here are the top ten posts of 2014, and it turns out that your favorites where some of my favorites as well! How To Study Scripture – This post has been the most popular post on the blog for two years […]

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How To Study Scripture

I wrote this post two years ago, but the New Year seems like the perfect time to share it again. I know that there are lots of methods for studying Scripture, but this is what has worked for me! The question that I get asked most often is how I spend time in Scripture.  Though […]

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I didn’t grow up celebrating Advent, I didn’t even really know what it was. In fact, I looked up the word just to see exactly what it meant, this is what I found: Advent: The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important. Yesterday I was reading  Psalm 18:30,  a verse that wasn’t really very Christmasy, but somehow it seemed like the perfect reminder […]

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Creative Ways to Get in Scripture

Last week I talked a bit about why I became a morning person, and how my morning is the best time for me to spend time in Scripture, and get organized for my day. I also realize that every person is different, and every season of life is different…so I wanted to give you some […]

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Why We Should Spend Time in Scripture

I am thrilled to be blogging over at a brand new blog for Christian women called GLOW: Live as Light   About two years ago, I realized that something needed to change. I was really having a hard time staying consistent with being in Scripture. I would do great for a few months and then […]

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