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Cultivating Affection For Christ

Aren’t we ever on the search for the best way to do things? It seems like a common step to google, search Pinterest or research the best way to do anything these days. The most effective way. The top 3 things you need. The best method. We want to get it right.  To be honest I […]

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Shifting Our Gaze of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving. You can hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet at the very mention of the name, can’t you? Maybe smell the fragrance of cranberry sauce, feel the crispness of the autumnal air as it tickles your cheeks? There’s so much in the name of “Thanksgiving.”   Even so, I’m sure a companion to all […]

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Hope Deferred

The death of a dream always means the birth of a new promise. It is hardest to believe when walking through the ashes of what you thought would be your future. Wading through shallow shattered hopes can almost drown you in waves of sadness. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. When those hopes are our hopes. […]

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From Pain to Hope

Happy Monday, friends! I wanted to hop on the blog today and tell you about something I discovered a few weeks ago that has really helped my mind stay focused during church! Do you ever find your mind wandering to lunch plans, the week ahead, and Susie’s new haircut during the sermon? I have always […]

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How God Redeemed My Mornings

About a year before my daughter Eden was born, I began doing the large majority of my ministry in the mornings. (And by ministry, I mean serving the Bride of Christ and in turn, being ministered to.) (I love how those two go hand in hand.)  I had someone over for breakfast before work about […]

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