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Brent and Alicia | Dallas Engagement Session

Jeremy and I had so much fun on this engagement session! Brent and Alicia are a blast to be around and we were shooting on such a gorgeous morning. I love when clients choose to have an early morning session, the cool weather and the lovely morning light always make it fabulous. We had a blast though the whole session and got some awesome pictures of these two. I just have to point out that Alicia is stunning and is so natural at posing, I didn’t have to coach her much because of how naturally graceful and beautiful she is. I just know that she is going to be a stunning bride in June. Jeremy and I are so excited for this wedding!

┬áTo see more from Brent and Alicia’s Dallas engagement session you can view their slideshow here.

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What a fun wall!


I LOVE THESE! What an awesome job!


Thanks so much, guys! The pictures are amazing, and so are you!


Sooo beautiful! I love them!

Jennie Tewell

The second from the last is my favorite! Love these Kristin!

Abie Alford

These pictures are super cute! :)

Phillip Brent Miller

AWESOME! My fiancee is so beautiful.

Judy Perser

These are all beautiful pictures…..wait…..get of of the middle of the road!!! hee hee

Nikki Doodle

Good thing your girl’s in the pics, otherwise your photographer would have had a rough time making these look good. ;)

Wow, these are lovely, so expressive…and the scenes make the pictures just poetic.

Betsy Folbrecht

Awesome Pictures! When is the big day? CONGRATS!

Great pictures, and you had beautiful subjects to work with. Of course, I would think so as I am her Grandma!

Phillip Brent Miller

June 23 2012

Phillip Brent Miller

Yeah, she’s very beautiful!

Nicole Davis

these are lovely Kristin.

Rebekah Lyn Photography

although all of these are great, my fave is definitely the second! great job Kristin & Jeremy! :)

Carrie Bomberger

Love the pictures! :)

Chris Jackson



Awesome pictures! Of course, I think Alicia is just beautiful, but I am a little biased because I am her mom.

Laura Spencer

Nice photos! There’s a wide variety of expressions and poses. What a great way to capture your memories of this special time in your lives…

Caitie T

I LOVE this one…really makes me wish you were doing our engagement pics! They kinda look like me and Charles (in the height department…lol)! They are really cute and the pics are amazing! You’re the greatest and I miss you so much!!!!!! Love to you, Jeremy and Stella… :oD

Philip Lynn Alford

Really creative and interesting pictures, and, of course, a great looking couple.

Sharron Hale

Beautiful, full of love…..

Paul Jacobs

Nice pictures


These are wonderful. I really like the second picture and the picture on the bridge of just the hands.

mitzi Gentzler


Cindy Jennings

Beautiful Pictures

Gorgeous Pictures!!

Great pictures!!


Pictures were wonderful.

Kristine Sims

Great pictures! Congratulations.

Irma Cantu

These pics really are so natural and beautiful; lovely couple. Congratulations to Mom, Rhonda, also!!

Gail Brigance

Awesome pics! Congratulations!

David and Ruth Hale

They are very nice and a good keepsake

Kelli Towery Causey

Love these! Great photos!

Sherrie Hale

Wonderful photos! And very sweet poses as well! I recognized the wall and the sculpture from Deep Ellum (where Aaron lives)!

Micheal Kessner

The photos are beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes to a wonderful couple.

Pam Bell

Precious pictures. Congratulations!

Alicia Alford Miller

Thanks, Aunt Sherrie!

Janet Marshall

Great pictures, and what a beautiful couple!!!

Aunt Von

How cute! My favorite is the one by the creek.

Joshua Hughes

we you all the best!


Beautiful!!! The colors are so vibrant!

MMS Theatre Arts


Christina Cornell

So Pretty! I love it!

Sherrie Hale

Wonderful Photos! The photographer captured both personalities very well! Plus both Alicia and Brent look just adorable!

Mark Cline

Awesome pictures! I am so happy for you both.


These are gorgeous! They look like they were a ton of fun to take. I love you, cousin and cousin-in-law-to-be. :)

Little Bit

You look beautiful as always, Alicia. ;)


Beautiful couple – beautiful pictures !

John D. Palmer

Beautifully done :)

Judy Kile

These are lovely.

Sherry woods

The pictures are great! You are going to be a beautiful bride.

charlene adams

Great pictures,amazing scenes and beautiful subjects,just Great!

amanda Villanueva

so nice, congrats!

amanda lena

I like the contrast of woodsy setting and urban setting. Where are yall going to live?

Frances McLaughlin

Beautiful pics, so natural!

Emily Linton


Aunt Sandy

They are all gorgeous. My favorite is you two standing on the bridge.

Amanda Mc

These tuned out great!! I’m happy you found someone awesome Brent you deserve it!!

taylor espinoza

pictures are precious !!


Very creative photos. Great looking couple!


Awesome pictures!!!

Lynssi Shanklin

I especially like the last one!

Callie Revell

Cute pictures! Love the blues. :)

Samuel Revell

These are awesome sauce. Great pics! WHOOOO!!

Adam Lopez

Sweet pictures you guys!

Amanda Waller

These are really great Brent! Congrats you two! :)

Archana Rebecca Mathew

These are beautiful pictures! Y’all are such a gorgeous couple! Also, I am terribly in like with those sandals! God bless for your big day! :)

Cara Haynes

Beautiful pictures! Best wishes for you both!

Sing Rou Lee

Absolutely beautiful!

April Lunde Barron

Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

Izak Santana

Awesome pictures!!!!

jakob Topper

looks great

Benjamin Skye

Congratulations Alicia! Hope all your wedding plans are going great! Your pictures are wonderful!!!


These are gorgeous!!!


i love these! such a beautiful couple :)


Amazing pictures!!!! Congratulations!!!


Love the color coordination…and the seventh photo especially!


love the 4th one down with the light coming in. Just gorgeous!


So pretty!


These are beautiful and you guys make such a lovely couple!

Erica McNair

I adore these images! His love for her is so evident!


These are so pretty!!!!


I love the pictures.


Ooh pretty :)

Susan Strange

This is so cute. Abie your sister and brother in law look great!


Cool pictures!




Awwww, pretty!!


These pictures are amazing. Most awesome couple ever.




I like her outfit and the lighting.

Dwight Tyndall

Love the ones on stone and wooden bridges, but all are good!

Beautiful :)


great pictures! they look great!
congrats! :)


Beautiful! My favorites are on the bridges too.




ya’ll look great, good photographer

Scott Alford

Very nice.


Love the pictures!:)


These are amazing pictures!! Congratulations!!

Crystal Money

Alicia, I LOVE the pictures! I am so happy for you both. May God bless you both on your wedding day and in all the years to come!

Curtis Cotton

Pics look great!!

Aunt Sherry

These are fantastic pictures. My hat’s off to the subjects in the photos and to the photographers. My favorite is the one by the creek also, because you are both looking at the camera and smiling and you are both beautiful, lovely people.

Nicole A Davis

These pictures are beautiful! :)


Happy Engagement. Nice pictures.

Laura Jennings

Simply stunning photos. They capture the love so beautifully.


Your pictures are so sweet! I’m so excited for y’all!

These are lovely!

Jesse Bass

You two look great. Congratulations!

Tito Schwabe

GORGEOUS! Love the pictures, especially the black and white with the Alicia and Brent holding hands, and the train station pictures. Blessings on the wedding, and very happy for you Alicia! :)

Justin Turner

Great Pictures you guys even Brent looks good.

Mandy Nebe

Hey guys, these are GREAT!

Cameron Nebe

Those look amazing! Creative poses and nice matching shirts :)

Andrew Alford

Looks good, kiddos.

Adrianna Ad Daniels

Congrats! This pictures are beautiful! So excited for yall!

Tonya Rudd

It LOOKS like you had a lot of fun. Great pictures.

Aunt Suzanne

Love Love Love the pics!!! Gorgeous!!


Wonderful Pics!! I love the diversity of each pic! Great job!

Mary Jane Jacobs

Cute pic, beautiful couple!

Gwen Ullo

Lovely pictures. Love the one on the wooden bridge.

Rachel Williams

Awesome shoot! Highlighting the Beautiful In beautiful people. :-)

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