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Bloglovin…One of My New Favorite Things

I recently discovered Bloglovin…and I think my reaction was…”Where have you been all my life?” Maybe that is a bit dramatic…but it is basically how I felt.


Bloglovin is an amazing tool for bloggers and blog readers. As a blogger, I love that it is an easy way that people can subscribe to my blog and see my newest posts. My friend Lauren called it “Instagram for blogging” and if you know how much I love instagram it explains why I love this so much. Bloglovin displays blog posts in a feed so that you can follow blogs and read their posts right from the website, or App!


The account is free and a great way to follow along with all of your favorite blogs, as well as get suggestions for blogs you might like! I have already found some new favorites with Bloglovin.

You can follow my blog here. Let me know what blogs are your favorites to follow, I am always looking for new blogs to read!

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I love it because I can keep my blogs organized – health/running/Jesus friends/funny … I need as much organization as I can get :)


do you plan to make your blogs available on blog loving? You would be SOOOCUTE refreshing! I have followed this site for months now, and while there are interesting things ( haha, for gals my age!), everything seems to point to the flesh…
If anyone could gently and subtly make a statement otherwise, YOU could!

Bethany McDonnell

Oh, yes, I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for a while now since Google got rid of GoogleReader…I love it too!

I felt the same way when I discovered it! Following you :)

Ashlee Layne Strickler

I want to know some of your favorites to follow! :)

I’ve been using feedly and I love it! But who can resist trying something new….Thanks, Kristin! XO

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