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Behind the Scenes

This is one of those super embarrassing, behind the scenes posts. I admit…I love seeing all my photographer friends post their silly behind the scenes pictures, but we have never done it. Mostly due to the fact that shooting weddings is hard work, and I think there is an unspoken rule that if there are amazing images…the photographer is looking not so amazing…lol So yes, this post is a bit embarrassing and we don’t look all that great in most of these pictures….but it’s fun. We love what we do, and all the couples we get to photograph.

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Laura Howell

This post just shows you have an eye for details. And it’s those little details–how the dress falls, where they’re looking, the lighting/angling–all make your pictures amazing! :)

Bethany McDonnell

Looks great! I love seeing y’all at work!

Tammy Damore

I rather enjoyed that!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Stephanie Grooms

Y’all get a workout! Great shots! I love seeing how you work to capture the details!

Shelley Dee Richardson Hohe

You both look great behind the scenes. So great to share so everyone can see it takes more than a camera to take good photos. Nice work!

Whitney Lane Arnett

I love it you guys look great! I don’t think they are embarrassing at all! You look a heck of a lot more put together then me lol.

Rachel McCloud

You guys look awesome and Kristin you have awesome shoes :)

Caitie Sheppard

I love your brown boots in the last picture…just sayin’! ;)

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