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Baby Bump…

It is hard to believe that I am already 27 weeks pregnant and just starting my 3rd and final trimester…the finish line is in sight. It seems like just yesterday Jeremy and I were anxiously awaiting being able to reveal to all of our friends and family that we were expecting. Let me tell you this little one is growing like crazy and moving like crazy! I guess I should try to enjoy the fact that this is the only time in life when people actually want to see my growing belly, I must admit it is a little strange. There is so much to do in the next few weeks to prepare for her arrival, starting with a big trip to ikea tomorrow to get the last of her nursery furniture! Can’t wait to show you all the finished room!


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Cindy Clinton-Kinsey

Love it!

Rhonda Hooper

I know we don’t know each other but I just have to say that you look beautiful! You are really glowing, and you will be even more “glowy” once that beautiful baby is here. Congrats…it only gets better from here.

Patty Thompson

Congrats! what a beautiful mommy to be picture.

Elaine Joy McDonnell

You look so cute! :-)

Shelby J

awwww! You look so adorable!

Jeremy Schmucker

love love love you both! the third trimester is finally here!

Ashley Gargano

Hi, I’m one of Jeremys friends from Illinois and want you to know that you look great! I’m happy for both of you!

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you so much Rhonda!

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks Ashley!

Kristin Schmucker


Kristin Schmucker

Thank you!

Rhonda Hooper

Oh, you are soo welcome. I miss being pregnant. Have you laid in the bathtub and watched the baby move around? To me, that was the most special time from my pregnancy.

Rhonda Hooper

For me, the third trimester was not only the most exciting, but also the most painful. I know you are probably rubbing her feet and her back and walking slower with her…but it will all be worth it when you see that beautiful baby’s face!! Love you guys!!

Kristin Schmucker

Oh yes! One of my favorite things to do these days!

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