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August Goals

This past month has been so busy, but it was a great month getting settled into our new home which we love and getting into a schedule and of course preparing for our little bundle of joy!

I am happy to say that all of July’s goals were accomplished! We celebrated our anniversary, I updated the website, had an awesome visit with my Mom, cooked more, spent time in God’s Word and put a huge dent in cleaning our Stella’s room!

So here are the August goals…

Keep blogging on a consistent basis…it has been going well and I love the feedback I get from all of my amazing readers!

Stick with meal planning! I just started this past month and it helped a ton with keeping me cooking, I really enjoy cooking, but I just hate that moment in the day when I have no idea what to make. Meal planning has solved that dilemma!

Read more! After 20 years of being in school this is the first August that I am not headed back to school…I think that means I should read something I want to, instead of the usual fall list of required reading…any suggestions?

Find more treasures to decorate Stella’s room! We have started picking things out to decorate the nursery, and I can’t wait to put it all together and show it off on here soon!

Continue to make time in God’s Word a priority, I have been amazed at the things that God has taught me when I choose to put Him first.


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Meal planning is a no-fail must for this Type-A personality. I find that if it’s written down on a schedule, then I just HAVE to stick to the plan so I get to cross it off the list :)

Mary Marantz

Love that shot Kristin!

Jeremy Schmucker

I love your cooking! lol…makin me fatter and happier :)

Laura Howell

so you’re a normal size now, Jeremy? lol

Jeremy Schmucker

just saying I’ve gained 40 pounds since high school…that ratio per year CANNOT continue! lol…

Laura Howell

lol maybe it’s sympathy weight. or your wife is too good a cook. ;) but that can’t be it!

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks Mary!

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