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August 2013 Goals

July was a busy month, but it was good. We enjoyed time together as a family and celebrated our 4 year anniversary. There is lots going on this month in preparation for the busy fall wedding season. July was also the first month that I used my Power Sheets, so I am excited to get in the swing of things with them and use them a little better this month.

The Goals:

Read Jonah and Ruth
Get back to scheduling blog posts so that I don’t get overwhelmed during busy season
Read something personal and something for business
Prepare for the Bridal Show and have a successful show
Be Intentional
Make a point to do something special with Stella every week

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Rachel McCloud

I love reading what your goals are. They inspire me to get off my patootie and get moving. Because if I keep doing what I’m doing nothing will get accomplished.

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