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An Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

We love Christmas at our house…we usually have decorated by the beginning of November. This year has been a bit different though. Since we are living in the midst of a renovation, and a lot of our things are still in storage, Christmas decorating took a bit of a back burner. Last week we finally got everything out of storage and bought our first real tree. We have had a small artificial tree since the first year of our marriage which worked great in our little rentals…but with out new home and much higher ceilings…we decided to get a fresh tree.


We went to the Christmas tree farm and picked out the perfect 9ft tree…it is huge…and we love it. We settled on the perfect spot in the living room and decorated the tree as a family. This included one trip to walmart for more cords to connect our lights too, after we blew out the first cord because of how many lights we had on the tree.

Stella is loving all things Christmas this year, and turning the lights on the tree on each morning is her favorite thing. It has been a good reminder to just enjoy the simple things. Stella doesn’t care that our kitchen isn’t working yet, or that the sawdust spreads through the entire house, and that there are boxes everywhere. She soaks up the magic in the things that are good, like a pretty Christmas tree, and stockings hung on the fireplace. Trying to take a few lessons from girl.

And of course she was so excited to put the star on top of the tree…even if it made me a little nervous.



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Kaylee Jackson

What a beautiful tree!! Sounds like us. We bought our family home but literally the only nice thing in the house is our huge tree. The rest is in remodel:) Tis the Season to be Jolly!!

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