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An Exciting Announcement!

Have you ever felt like you want to spend more time in God’s Word, and you want it to be meaningful? Have you ever felt like you were tired of shallow Bible studies that just left you longing for something more? I was there just a few months ago. Jeremy and I have talked so many times about the lack of really great Bible study material and the searching just left me so frustrated. Then last year, my friend Amanda posted a picture on instagram, and then mentioned that she doesn’t use a specific study guide, but more of a method for reading and studying Scripture. I looked up the podcast that she mentioned and I was hooked. It has revolutionized my walk with God. Since then, I have blogged about how I journal and study Scripture, and also started a hashtag on instagram to help keep friends accountable to be in God’s Word daily.

This past week we had our first Pursuit 31 Dallas meetup and it was so great. Thirteen of us met and talked about photography and ourselves, but more than that we talked about our love for our Savior. At the end of the night, Amanda and I were chatting as the group slowly left, and we both talked about how we wanted the group to be focused on Christ. We love photography, and it is so great to have that in common, but Jesus is our life.

So…we are so excited to announce that Amanda and I will be hosting a Bible Study group starting in just a few weeks.

The only textbook we will have is God’s Word, so all you will need is your Bible, a journal, and a pen. We will meet once a month, and then have a month to read God’s Word on our own. We will be meeting on Thursday evenings from 7-9 at Amanda’s home in Grapevine, TX and we will start by studying the book of Colossians. Our kick off date is May 23rd! When we meet together we will share what God is showing us, and I just know it is going to be amazing to see how He will often teach us the same things, and often teach us very different things. His Word is so powerful, and we would love for you to go deeper with us.

We would love for you to join us! Feel free to leave a comment here if you are interested and give us your email address. We will be sending out more information soon! If you have any questions let us know! We are so excited to see what God will do.

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