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Alyssa and Blake | Engagement

I can’t say enough good things about this couple. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. I knew the first time Jeremy and I met for coffee with Alyssa and her mom to talk about her wedding that I just loved this girl. Meeting people like Alyssa is the reason I love my job.

Alyssa and Blake grew up close to each other and had a mutual friend, but it wasn’t until they moved several hours from home to attend Baylor University that the two met. Their mutual friend was convinced the two would someday marry, and she was right. I am beyond excited for Alyssa and Blake’s May wedding.

Alyssa and Blake, Thank you for allowing me to capture the love and laughs that the two of you share. I am so happy for the two of you and so glad that Jeremy and I are able to be a part of your wedding.

 To see more of Alyssa and Blake’s Engagement session you can click here to see a slideshow of their session.

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Diane Apodaca

Love you both and your pictures are beautiful!!

Santiago Apodaca

Great Pictures! Love you both

Maggie Walker

LOVE the pictures…what a beautiful couple! Congrats to you both and best wishes as you start your new life together:)

Karen Blackburn

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Your pictures are beautiful. I wish you the best!

Alyssa Apodaca

Wow!! What a beautiful job you and Jeremy did!! You two make quite the team!! Thanks so much. WE LOVE ThESE!

Blake Cross

The photographs look amazing! Thank yall for making the trip up to Grapevine for us. Tell Stella I say hi!

Jennifer Mikula

Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures!!! Congrats to you both :0)

Jennifer Mikula

Beautiful pictures & congrats to you both! :0)

Megan Rizos

Great pictures! I think my favorites have to be the front hug shot of your hands and the last one. So cute! Can’t wait for May 26th!

Granna and Papa

You are God’s gift to each other. Magnificent pictures of

Granna and Papa

You are God’s gift to each other. Stunning pictures of a beautiful couple. Congratulations. Love you

Krissy Daniel

I love the picture of you two smiling right before you kiss!! Super cute and precious! I’m soo happy for you! Love you!

Anna Morrison

Love y’all! Wish you all the best!

Trisha Diaz

I’m really happy for you, Alyssa! & I’m excited for your new chapter (and adventure) in life come May! :D

Annennlyse Apodaca

What a beautiful couple! the shots look wonderful :)


Gorgeous! Love the pictures.

Isabel Chirase

The photographs are AMAZING! And Alyssa and Black, you guys look great and so in love! I am so happy for both of you during this time, and so pleased that every special moment will be captured by such a talented photographer!

Selina Apodaca

Omg Alyssa and Blake these are so cute! The photos look amazing :) can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Love you guys!

Cristina Villaseñor

Y’all are too cute! Photo 2 is my fave :)

Shelby Kager

Awe you guys are too cute! :) I can’t believe you’re getting ready to get married!

Julia Alvarado McDonald

Omg Alyssa I love these! I am so excited for you and Blake! Can’t wait to see the bridal pictures!

Caroline Caldwell

Alyssa and Blake these are absolutely amazing!

Barb Erben

so adorable! love the red dress.. love the both of you!

Cassie Funk

Beautiful, these are PERFECT. You both are sooooo sweet!

Jessica Lauren Hall

Alyssa you are so beautiful. You are going to make a beautiful bride. I love these pictures so much.

Chad Wade

Congrats Alyssa and Blake! I like the pics, and I am excited to see y’all at the wedding!

Lauren Mcknight

Love these pictures! you guys are soo cute together :)

Alex Hefner

These are gorgeous, Alyssa!

Ramya Kumar

Such beautiful pictures! I love that they’re so natural and totally capture your personalities:)

Chelsea Sherman

You look gorgeous, Alyssa! Great photos!

Briana Apodaca

ALYSSA AND BLAKE! You should be models these are beautiful.

Dave Walden

Y’all look great together:). I’m happy for both of you.:D

Tanna Duplechin-Walden

Congrats! Love your pictures!

Chris Tinsley

Beautiful pics….i wish yall all the happiness in the world<3.

Codie Paris Tinsley


Kelli Burdick

Alyssa! I love all of these! SUCH beautiful pictures!!

Caleb Bollenbacher

Great pics, friends! All the ones near water are especially nice. So excited for you guys!

Shelly 'Glenn' Phillips

So beautiful! Love you guys and so excited for you!

Amanda Schneck

love these!

Sam Burnett

You guys look fantastic together. Love the pics Congratz my friends

Jeanne Russell

These pictures are awesome! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. You make such a beautiful couple – best wishes!

Nancy Cornwell

Congratulations to both of you! The pictures are gorgeous. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Julie Reist

What a BEAUTIFUL couple! Can not wait to celebrate the big day…love you both!

Jane Clark

Alyssa, you are so pretty – Kristin captured beautiful expressions through your eyes and Blake is so handsome. Congrats to you both!

Michelle Robinson


Jessica Schwartz

Woo! I love that red dress! (and Alyssa, your eyes are stunning in that first photo!) Congrats you two… happy & excited for you!

Melissa Bass

These pictures are stunning!!!! :)

Beatrice Chirase

Woow!Beautiful pictures and i love you both.

Cara Patierno

loving the pictures! :)

Beatrice Chirase

Great pictures! love

Emily Nolte

I am so excited for both of you. All the pictures are amazing – but the first one just leaps out at me! Can’t wait til next year!! em

Ashley Walker

Beautiful pictures!! You two are so adorable..CANNOT WAIT for you to be married:) LOVE Y’ALL.

Bob and Kelly Bratcher

Beautiful pictures!

Melissa Clary

alyssa! you look gorgeous. love them all! what a pretty di-va.

Blair Hanf

Absolutely GORGEOUS Alyssa and Blake! So excited for you two! Such a beautiful couple!

Rachel Israelson


Amy Hause

these are wonderful pictures!! I am so happy for ya’ll!!


Beautiful pictures! Congratulations guys, I’m really excited for you!

Cody Cross

Nice pictures!

Summer Perkins

soo adorable! congratulations guys!!

Erika Delacerda

Wow!!! These pictures are beautiful! Love you guys!

Lauren Guy Summersett

love these!

Meha Goyal

you guys are adorable. I’m so happy for you! great pictures. :)

Jose Anguiano

Very nice pictures…Congrats Blake & Alyssa!!

Jose Anguiano


sue wiggins


Karina de la Garza

Great pictures! You look great!

Aliza Bernal

You guys look amazing! :) love you both! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Bobbyand Myra Hill

ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING! You both are so beautiful and these pictures just enhance the love I see gleaming from both of you. God Bless you two! <3 You!

Kalee kager

Congratulations guys!
I can’t believe y’all are getting married! These pictures are so adorable:)

Gretchen Schneider

Very cute pictures! I am so happy for both of you! Congratulations on your engagement! Love you both!

Andrea Castro-Anguiano

Congrats Blake & Alyssa I am so happy for both if yall..May God Bless Yall & Guide yall through every step of the way! I love you both :)

Melissa Hunt

These pictures are gorgeous!!! Alyssa should be a model!

L.J. Hunt

Great pictures. Congrats to you both!

Brent Horton

Such beautiful pics! I cannot wait to see you and Blake and catch up with your beautiful family. Congratulations!!

Mike and Liz Apodaca

An awesome and blessed couple headed for greatness. Beautiful photos, can’t wait until the wedding!!!

Karah Tate

Love the pictures! Congrats! Yall two are so cute together!!

Kelly Musslewhite

These are super cute! :D you look like a model girl! ( your eyes in that first one alyssa) and Blake, you look very handsome as well. absolutely love!

Megan Nichols

Alyssa! These are so beautiful! And I agree, that red dress is gorgeous on you!

Chris Nona

I’m happy for both of you.

Carissa Lorance

Absolutely stunning! Yall look wonderful and so happy :) Very excited for you two!

Alicia Trinkle

I LOVE these photos! The first picture is stunning of you, Alyssa!

Alyssa, These pictures are SO beautiful! Love you!!

Trisha Rodriquez

Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so happy for y’all!

Nicole Odom

LOVE THESE!!! Y’all are such a beautiful couple!

Jackie Apodaca

Alyssa and Blake, I CANNOT wait for your wedding! You all are such an amazing couple and a perfect example of love:) LOVE YOU BOTH!

Julianne Lasher

Alyssaaaa could you be more GORGEOUS? You look so beautiful and happy :) I’m so happy for y’all! Congrats

Laini Lewis

Alyssa Apodaca and Blake Cross, Tyler Lewis and I are SO happy for you two! Your photographer has done a wonderful job capturing the sweet gift of love the Lord has given the two of you! Can’t wait to see more! :)

Dusty Davis

Yall look great! I love the vibrant colors and depth in the pictures. CONGRATS

cynthia cross

simply adorable!! xoxo

freddy barrera

WOW—-great genes!

damon cross

awesome pictures!

papaw cross

beautiful couple! you remind me of your grandpa blake. lol

noni cross

i love your photos and i am looking forward to seeing more! you two make a beautiful couple. love…noni

alfredo barrera

alyssa and blake….it looks like you have chosen a great photographer for the wedding! I approve and I know grandma would be proud too!

greg cross


shelly cross-garcia

Beautiful couple!! Beautiful pictures!!


I love your photos!

Dayna Bates

So great!

Edwina Nelson

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple both inside and out!

Brewster Boatright

Congratulations! These are beautiful pictures!

Vanda Glover

Alyssa! These pictures are beautiful! :) love them, and so happy for you and Blake! :) love you friend!

Jan Reeve

Blake is a precious young man! I hear she is a doll as well! The pictures are wonderful! Wishing them a happy life together! :)

Anna Sanders

Those Apodaca girls are beautiful! Amazing pictures of a precious couple. Best wishes!

Joel Tyler

Y’all are great!

Mandy O'Donnell

these pictures are beautiful!

martha rogers

Love these pictures! Love these guys!

Martha J Rogers

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful couple with a wonderful future! Blessings to you!

Pam Koch

Great pictures…beautiful couple!

Lily Rosamond

Beautiful! love you guys and can’t wait for the wedding! :)


Kylie Mankin

These are so cute! Congratulations! :)

Elizabeth Cole

como se dice OBSESSED.









Teresa Watters

Awesome photos, congrats!

Bob Schneider

Blake and Alyssa your pictures are awesome,
wish you both the very best. Aww, Sic’Em.

Michelle Schneider

Congratulations on your engagement!
Awesome Pics! See you soon!


Your pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

Heather Dunnam Znachko

love you nuggets.

Janice Ellis

_Great pictures. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Jenni Lanier

Alyssa! I LOVE these pictures! Ya’ll look awesome and so happy :) love you!

Katie Mary

BEAUTIFUL ALYSSA! congrats again!

Lauri York

I just love all of these pictures – you two are so special to our family and we can’t wait to be a part of your wonderful day! Love you both!

Caitlin Price

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Y’all look so wonderful :) so so so happy for you, friends!

Chad Robinson

Lookin good! Blake you out punted your coverage. Well done sir.

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