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Addicted to Caffeine

As many of you know, I (Jeremy) used to drink a lot of soda to get through the day. Specifically Mt. Dew. It was just so yummy and the caffeine really seemed to help with my mid-afternoon headache. Well one month ago today I decided to give up this addiction. Cold Turkey.

This was not the first time I had tried to quit, but the usual pattern of quitting went something like this: day one with no caffeine…day two drink Mt. Dew!!!

But I wanted this time to be different. I wanted to be in control of my body and not be dependent upon this “drug” per se. Well it wasn’t easy. In fact, the first three days were filled with terrible headaches and exhaustion. On day five I even became nauseous. So much so, that while we were out shopping I made Kristin’s sister drive the car home because I knew if I drove home I would lose it. Fortunately, that was the last “major” withdrawal symptom. The last three weeks have been great! I don’t feel like I need the caffeine just to survive and I also seem to have more energy (irony…). I also must say I could not have done this without Kristin’s support…I can imagine I was quite the grump those first few days, haha ;)

At the same time, not a day goes by that I don’t crave the delicious taste, but for now, I will trade in my Mt. Dew for some Strawberry lemonade goodness…

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Cat Neumayr

Thank you for sharing! I would like to get off caffeine as well. For now I’m weaning myself off of Diet Cokes and all sodas (4 days in) but my morning coffee still has caffeine in it. I don’t know if I need the caffeine, or if I just need the taste of the coffee. I am inspired to try now. Are you sleeping better too? I’m curious.

Jeremy Schmucker

You can always go decaf ;) I think there are still small amounts of Caffeine in dacaf, but very minimal. I think I am sleeping better. The few times I drank a soda at night, it would keep me up ALL night. Now I can tell that I am “winding down” at night faster since I’m not wired, and then more productive throughout the day. Good luck…you can do it!!!!

Courtney Howell

I actually stopped drinking caffiene a month and a half ago. My favorite was dr pepper and coffee. I was ok with taking away dr pepper but I love coffee. I was able to get decaf coffee and it has helped. I also heard that if you make cucumber water or slices of oranges in water that it will help with those days where you crave caffiene. I haven’t been able to try these options yet but its just a thought.

Becky Ingram

Good job Courtney!

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