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{a perfect morning}

This morning was great. I rolled out of bed and was able to breathe, it was actually one of those mornings where I wasn’t going insane trying to get to work or class in time. I made myself a cinnamon bagel…with NO RAISINS (thank you Alternative bagel for making low calorie bagels that involve cinnamon but not raisins!), grabbed my Bible and a pen and was able to focus before starting the day. Somehow those few minutes of relaxing when I first wake up seem to totally change the rest of my day. It puts me in a better mood and helps eliminate stress. Sure, my relaxation only lasted for a few minutes before I needed to check my email get ready and get to work, but it made all of the difference. I have learned that goal setting in businessĀ is important, but it is equally as important to set goals for my marriage, my spiritual life, and just fun things for myself. So, in adding to my list of goals for the month I think I want to strive for more relaxing mornings.

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