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A day with a friend in Mobile, AL

 Several months ago a friend of mine asked if we could spend the day together, take pictures, have lunch, and talk.  How could I resist?

As we started taking pictures we saw a police car and officer approaching. So what did we do? “Jeremy, go talk to him.” Husband to the rescue! After a quick conversation we had to leave our gorgeous location, because well, we weren’t supposed to be there. It was an abandoned building that was ruined during hurricane Ivan several years ago and has been for sale ever since.  It was so sad because the lighting was gorgeous, but we headed to downtown Mobile, AL to finish.

Meet Kathleen


This was the picture I was taking when the cop came…


Look at that model face!


This was my favorite spot! This is totally posing next to an antique generator behind the bus station!


 Kathleen you are gorgeous!undefined

Kathleen and her husband Joe are such wonderful people and friends. Thanks for giving Jeremy and me an excuse to get away from Pensacola for a day.

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