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2011: The year our lives changed…

What a crazy and awesome year it has been! So much has changed in our lives this year so I thought I would share some photo highlights.


In February, Jeremy and I took a few days off to have a little vacation in Destin, Florida. We had an amazing time shopping, eating amazing food and even going on a cruise to see dolphins.

It was also the month that Jeremy bought me an iphone, it doesn’t seem like a highlight from the year unless you have an iphone and then you understand.

We spent Easter in Central Florida with Jeremy’s family and we got to snap some photos of our adorable niece Londyn while we were there. The family didn’t know that we had a secret…

We were expecting our first baby! I will never forget the moment I saw the word pregnant come across the screen on the test, or the first time that we heard our little one’s heartbeat. This is when we knew things were really going to change.

We told our family’s and announced to our friends the weekend that we graduated with our master’s degrees, everyone was thrilled!

After Graduation we stayed in Pensacola a few more weeks before our big move. After photographing our dear friends Victor and Megan’s wedding we got in the moving truck and headed for Texas!

We made a quick stop in Illinois where Jeremy surprised me with a photo session from our wedding photographer as a gift for our 2 year anniversary.

We started taking pictures of me in my office as it was becoming more and more obvious that I was pregnant, this is me at 18 weeks.

It was also at 18 weeks that we found out that we were expecting a little girl and we announced that we would be naming her Stella Grace. It was also around this time that we began to accumulate lots of little pink things.

In July both of our mom’s came to visit and we had a great time with them and did lots of shopping for Stella…

I was getting bigger each week…this was taken at 22 weeks.

and this one was taken at 27 weeks…

Jeremy spent many hours making trips to Ikea and putting together furniture as we began to prepare the nursery.

Finally in September we put the finishing touches on Stella’s nursery and just waited for her to arrive!

In October, Jeremy took my maternity photos…though I felt pretty huge, I think he did a great job.


After waiting what seemed like forever, I went into labor on my due date and after 21 hours of labor we finally got to meet our little Stella Grace and we fell instantly in love with her. She was born on her due date 11.27.11 at 9:00 pm and weighed 9lbs and was 21 1/4 inches long. She is perfect.

We were constantly reminded of God’s goodness and grace to us throughout this entire year and especially when Stella was born. When we took this photo we were reminded of the fact that she is “Fearfully and Wonderfully made…”

We have taken lots of photos of her since she has been born, Jeremy loves the ones of him holding her. She loves her daddy, and he is already wrapped around her finger.


Since she was born just a few weeks before Christmas we got to get lots of cute Christmas pictures of our very favorite Christmas present. 



We started the year just the two of us and we end it a family of three. Our lives changed forever this year and we can’t wait to see what is in store in 2012. We are going to make it the best year of our lives!

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Dawn Caracio

This is a beautiful story of life with a whole new journey. Happy New Year!



Bethany McDonnell

Love this post! I’m about to do this on my blog! :)

Christina Rossi

Absolutely beautiful!

Preston-Jennifer Young

Really enjoyed your post and all your beautiful pictures. What a wonderful addition to your family!


I enjoyed every word and picture, it brought tears to my eyes…..of course!

What an amazing year you have had!! May 2012 be just as blessed!

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