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{10 reasons to get married…other than love}

So I know that love is the obvious reason to get married, but if we are really honest there are a couple of other reasons, at least I know I have a few. If you have any others feel free to leave a comment.

10. You will have someone to help you carry your luggage through the airport. Am I the only one that hates those few moments from the time you get out of the car until all your luggage is checked? Trust me it is great to have a husband at one of those moments.

9. Seriously what girl does not want to have a day when she looks absolutely amazing and have every person she knows tell her so.

8.When you are just about to fall asleep and decide you are really thirsty, or that you left the lights on, you have someone who will be willing to get out of bed to take care of it. (Thanks babe, you are the best.)

7. Because when someone asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do, saying “I will have to check with my husband” is an amazing response.

6. Because watching reality tv is just not as fun by your self, and he is enjoying it, even if he pretends he isn’t.

5. Because signing Mr. and Mrs. on your Christmas cards is so much fun?

4.  Because being old married people is actually a lot more fun than people think.

3. Because gift registries are awesome.

2. Because he is the only person other than your mom who really truly believes in you, no matter what mistakes you make.

1. Because you can finally update your facebook status!

It may seem silly, but it all boils down to having a best friend to be there for you through the amazing moments in life, as well as the hang around the house in your sweats all day moments.

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