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We’re Hiring!

We are hiring! We are super excited to be adding a few positions on our team, and one of them can be filled no matter where you live! We are looking for a virtual assistant!

This position is for a woman who is passionate about Jesus and has a passion for helping women.
The position is a virtual position, and you can live anywhere to fill this role.

The job includes managing email, helping with social media, and marketing. The position will start between 5-10 hours per week, with opportunity for growth.

wearehiringIf you think you might be the perfect fit, you can fill out the application here!





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Rochelle Olaes

hello kristin, I want to apply but the link is not loading..

Cecyl Alfaro

Hello I want to apply but the links is not loading

Kim Spalding

Hi Kristin, Thanks for this opportunity. I will be applying today!

Psalm 119 Lock Screen

The Psalm 119 study along with lots of other fun things releases in the shop on Tuesday! I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a collection. This message of the beauty of God’s Word and of who He is. In anticipation for the launch, Here is a lock screen that you can use to remind yourself of this sweet truth.

Click here or on the image below to get the full size image and then save it to your phone and make it your lock screen!



The study, study bundle, and other resources will be available on Tuesday in the shop.

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Donna New

I love cooking, kitchen scents. Pumpkin would be so nice. Your blog is pretty and I love that you’re studying God’s word, Psalm 119 about God’s sweet word.

He Rescued Me

He does not rescue me because he has too. He rescued me because He loves me, and He delights in me. When I am feeling like I am not enough, I can rest in the fact that despite all the times I fail, my Savior has not only rescued me, but He has done it because He truly delights in me. It says nothing of my goodness, because without Him, I have none. But, it says everything of who He is, of His faithful, steadfast, covenant love.


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[…] I love one of the recurring themes in the book of Deuteronomy: (not just the law) delight […]

Jessenia Arce Torres

In love with your blog!!!! its wonderful!!
hi from PR!!!
God bless!!

If I Raise My Voice

I have been studying in the book of James for the past several days, and these words have been a sweet reminder to me. How often I say things harshly, or without thinking. How easy it is to become frustrated with others.

If I raise my voice, may it be only in praise.

If I clench my fists, may it be only in prayer.


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Cate Nichols

This is perfect!