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Kristin’s Book Club | From Good To Grace

I had so much fun reading all of your posts and insights from our February book club book Women of the Word. I am so excited to announce that the book we will be reading in March is Christine Hoover’s brand new book From Good to Grace!

Christine and her publisher sent me an early copy of From Good to Grace, and just a few pages in, I knew it would be the perfect book for our March book club! The official release date is March 3, but you can already find it on Amazon!

I think the message of this book is so important! It is all about resting in God’s grace instead of trying to live life in our own strength. This book is soaked in the gospel and all about living a life of grace. I think the message is one that we so desperately need to hear. It is a reminder that it is all about what He has done, and not about how good we can be! This is a book about living a life where we serve God out of joy and not just duty. The book even includes a discussion guide in the back that will give us some great questions to talk about as we chat here and over on instagram.


The book club will be super easy, we will use the hashtag #kristinsbookclub on instagram which will help us find each other and see what others are thinking about what they are reading. I will also do a recap and review post at the end of the month about the book.

I am so excited to be reading this book with you girls, and I am also excited to be featuring Christine here on the blog very soon! Grab your copy of the book here, and let me know that you will be joining us!

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Samantha Phillips

looking forward to the book club

Rebeca Kline

I just orderes my book! Yay! Totally excited about this.

Kelsey Riley

I will be joining!

A Conversation with Taylor Schumann

I am thrilled to introduce you to my friend Taylor. Taylor is one of those people that I have never actually met in person, but have realized in the past year that she is a kindred spirit. She is a huge encouragement to me, and I am so thankful to have found her in the insta world. She has faced joy and suffering, and has allowed both to always point back to Jesus. I think you will love her just as much as I do. She also just started a new blog…and you need to go read it!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Taylor, obviously. I live in Tennessee right now with my husband, Eric, and our sweet pup Molly! Right now we are living life here while he’s in pharmacy school. I love the Lord and spending time in His word and following him. I enjoy spending time with good friends and drinking way too much coffee. I know a lot of people say that, but I really do drink too much coffee. But, I have no plans to change that as of now.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Oh boy! A typical day. Most days I get up in the morning, walk our dog, and start the day with a huge cup of coffee. I like to spend time reading my Bible and watching the morning news. But can we be honest? Sometimes I choose to start the day being busy and forget to open my Bible. And that’s okay. I usually spend time around the house tidying up, doing laundry, organizing and reorganizing things, and cooking up new recipes. And maybe to some people this sounds super boring, but I love it. I find a lot of joy in keeping a good home and serving my husband in that way. He works so hard and is so busy with school, and I’m thankful I can do these things to at least make it a little easier on him. Even when he is busy with school, but we always try to make it a priority to have dinner together and talk about our days. And this time is really invaluable to us. In the evenings I spend time reading and winding down. I’m getting ready to start grad school to get my Masters in Counseling so I’m trying to enjoy my last days of freedom while I have them.


What helps you stay organized?

I have so many methods of organization, sometimes I feel like a crazy person. But like a super organized crazy person. I love my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and my Ellebook from from good friend Lauren over at Elle & Company. My best friends are my meal planner and grocery list sheet. I live by these guys. They have helped me plan out our meals and save so much on groceries – and for a couple working our way through expensive pharmacy school, that is huge! I’m also super into the YNAB software (You Need a Budget) for helping us stay on track financially and putting our money where it needs to go.


You are very active on social media, how do you find community on and offline?

Social media to me can be a huge blessing, and that’s how I like to think of it. It can be hard to weed through the bad stuff to find the good stuff and you have to work a little bit at it. Start by unfollowing people who don’t encourage you or lift you up or think good things about yourself. They won’t get a notification or anything so don’t fret about that. When you spend time on social media, you are opening up yourself to a lot of other people and their thoughts and opinions. And whether you think about it this way or not, you open up your heart to all of those things. And if what is going in isn’t doing good things for your heart, then you need to get rid of it. Find people to follow that are good for your heart. And chances are, you’ll discover even more people through them. I remember browsing Instagram a couple years ago when I was sort of in a really dark place and I stumbled across Kristin’s account. And immediately I could tell she was a kindred spirit. She encouraged me so, and through and the lamp and light hashtag, I discovered more people just like her, that were out there to encourage and be encouraged. And through that I realized what a blessing social media can be. Comment and start conversations with people! And always remember that social media is not the end all be all. If you are discouraged by it, or seek comfort from it when you should be looking to the Lord for that, then I think it’s time to take a step back for a little while. The world will still turn while you take a little break and you will come back better for it.


What is the biggest thing God has been teaching you this year?

This year the Lord has been teaching me a lot about waiting. And that he isn’t done with me quite yet. In April 2013 I was shot during a shooting at the community college I was working at and my life changed forever. After 4 surgeries and countless doctor and therapy appointments, I only have about 30% use of my hand. And I suffer from a lot of PTSD and anxiety issues. It has changed our lives tremendously. And there are a lot of days I might feel a little forgotten about, or like there’s nothing for me to do. And those are the days I hear the Lord teaching me that he’s not done yet. That the wait is not over. That He is working behind the scenes. I remember reading a quote by C.S. Lewis that says “I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” And I loved it. I put it up on my wall and constantly read it to myself. Because if I’m waiting, then it’s because He sees that it is good for me to wait. And it means God has something else for me. And even when it really sucks and it’s hard, he always gives grace and shows me that I’m not left behind, but just the opposite.


What products are a must have for your day?

My Keurig. Because, coffee. My Simplified Planner by Emily Ley – I would probably die without it. A big comfy cardigan to make me feel cozy, even in the summer because I’m just constantly cold. I also love my Powersheets by Lara Casey to keep me on track with my goals each month. I am obsessed with my ESV journaling bible and it goes with me everywhere! I am also a huge lover of essential oils. I use them everyday, all day, and I am so thankful for how they have made a difference in my life and my families life.

Follow along with Taylor


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Genres of Scripture

I have been enjoying reading this month’s book club book, Women of the Word. Though the month is almost over, it is a quick read, and you can still join in! You can read all the details here. 

One of the things that I have wanted to blog about for awhile is about the genres of Scripture. Many don’t know that there are different genres, or what exactly that means. Understanding the genre of Scripture that you are reading will greatly help you as you study God’s Word. It is important when studying to know what you are reading, so that you can know better how to interpret it. Knowing the genre that you are reading will help a lot.

Different authors and scholars have a different number of genres that they think there are, but I just wanted to give a little overview of several of some of the genres. Some books contain multiple genres, while others are only one genre. Understand what kind of literature as well as the audience and historical context will help us better interpret and apply Scripture to our lives.


Law – There are several books of law in Scripture. They are sometimes skipped over or though of as boring, but they always point us back to the perfection and character of God. The law is not to make us feel guilty for all the ways that we don’t measure up, but instead it is meant to point us to God, because He has conquered the law.

Narrative or History – There are many places in Scripture where we see stories recorded as narratives. We see this in both the Old and New Testaments. Most Old Testament books contain some portions of history. There are entire Old Testament books in this category such as Jonah and Esther, in the New Testament, we have the book of Acts, as well as portions of the Gospels and other books that are considered as History or Narrative.

Poetry – Poetry is mostly found in the Old Testament, and the most obvious example is the Psalms.

Prophecy – There are many books that include Prophecy such as the books of Daniel and Isaiah. Prophecy shows us that God is faithful, and that He will always do what He has said that He will do.

Wisdom – The wisdom literature such as Proverbs and Ecclesiastes contrast the wisdom of God with the wisdom of man. It reminds us that we need wisdom from God, as well as dealing with practical issues of life.

Parables – Parables are generally the sayings of Jesus put into a story form. Parables usually only have one main point, so it is important that we don’t over spiritualize Parables and try to make them say something that is not there.

Epistle – Epistles are letters written to a specific group of people. We can learn so much doctrine and practical wisdom from the Epistles, but it is also important that we remember who they were written too. The audience and historical context affect the way that we understand them, and it should be taken into account as we apply them to our own lives.

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Sue Ellen Figueroa

Thanks for sharing!

New Spring 2015 Products!

I am so excited that we have our new Spring 2015 products in the shop! There are two new mugs, ten new prints, and a gorgeous new necklace that have been added to the shop.

I am in love with our “Be Still” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness” mugs! The “Be Still” mug is the third product in the Be Still Collection, the tote and print released last year are favorites and we are excited to have the much requested mug here! The “Great is Thy Faithfulness” mug also has a matching print! Love these daily reminders!

Mugs and Necklace-4Mugs and Necklace-79

Our Hymn collection of chalkboard prints are some of my favorite prints ever!

1 - Amazing Grace

And, I have been enjoying wearing my “Grace” necklace, and being reminded of God’s ever present grace in my life.

Mugs and Necklace-99

To celebrate we are offering 20% off your entire purchase from 2/16-2/17! Use code LOVE at checkout! You can check out all the new products here.


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LOVE these mugs! Need them for the spring and for forever and always!

Victoria Wilson

Love love love these mugs :) Will have to talk to the husband about getting one during your sale! Thank you!

A Conversation with Amanda Jameson

I first met Amanda at a styled shoot when I was pregnant with Stella. We connected instantly as believers and became friends. Through the years we were in Texas we talked about business and even hosted a little Bible Study group together. Her heart for the Lord is beautiful. She is real and is always pointing back to the gospel. She is one of the things I miss most about the state of Texas. I just know that you will love her too.
Tell us a little about yourself?
My current favorite title is “Wife”. I absolutely adore being married to my husband, Matt. I’m also a daughter, sister and soon to be mom (I’m sure I’m going to love this title too)! I’m passionate about building and fostering community, our church (The Village Church in Flower Mound) and my marriage. We live in a cozy little house with our big orange tabby, Oliver.
As a wedding photographer, what inspires you?
Marriage. The Lord put this deep love in my heart for marriage and how it reflects the gospel. I didn’t start out to become a wedding photographer. In fact, I worked in Public Relations and was a Corporate Event Planner for three years before I started my own company. The Lord continued to press and challenge me to the ministry of marriage. Matt and I dated long distance for 5 years (including our engagement) and were also apart for 8-9 months of the year during the first two years of our marriage. During this time, I really learned what I was made of. The Lord exposed so much yuck in my heart and so many preconceived expectations I had about marriage that simply weren’t true. As a wedding photographer, getting to capture the gospel covenant on a weekly basis is so refreshing and a constant reminder to myself. The Lord sees and knows the deepest darkest depths of our hearts and loves us the same. He says, even though I know all that is there, I forgive you and I’m not going anywhere. All your sin has been nailed to the cross. We have the opportunity to practice this with our spouses each day. The wedding day is only the beginning.
What does a typical day look like for you?
It’s always different! Which I love! Usually, I start the day outside with my breakfast and my Bible. I then go through emails and make a to-do list for the day. Depending on the day, I’m going to potential client meetings, networking events, designing wedding albums, editing images, or blogging.
What helps you stay organized?
Systems and processes! At the beginning of the year I attended Sage Wedding Pro’s
“The Simple Plan” workshop. This was a turning point for my business! I was able to create a step-by-step process that is the same for every single client every single time. Before, I did things differently every time and was so stressed about missing a step! Another huge stress reliever is keeping an organized inbox. I organize everything by folders. If there’s still an email in my inbox then it needs attention. If it’s been taken care of, it gets filed. The last thing, I hired a part-time assistant and album designer. Her name is Laura and
she is an absolute answer to prayer. Just kidding, the real last thing, scheduling a day off
each week and getting serious about making Sunday our Sabbath. If you are a small business owner, make this a priority!! My day off each week usually changes but at the beginning of each month, I look at the calendar and write “Amanda’s Day Off” and block off the entire day. I learned
the hard way that if I didn’t fight for this time, it would get taken up by something else. I found I was so much more productive and organized when I felt rested and “filled up”.
You are expecting a baby this Spring! How are you preparing your life and business for this precious addition?
 Whoohoo!! We can’t wait to meet our sweet baby girl this April! When I first found out I was pregnant, I called each of my brides and let them know. I had already photographed 5 weddings while being pregnant and didn’t even know it! Clear communication is key. Thankfully, I didn’t have to cancel any weddings but I did have to get creative on some portrait sessions. I also had to sit down with my husband and come up with a reasonable maternity leave and be strict about not taking anything on during that time. Part of why I wanted to start this business was to be able to have a more flexible schedule when we were able to start a family so I want to first be “mom” then be “wedding photographer”. Although.. I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis. I have to consult my “voice of reason” aka my husband and run inquires by him.
What is the biggest thing God has been teaching you this year?
“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Surrendering to His will and plans which are so much sweeter. I haven’t experienced anything more humbling than pregnancy. Literally, NOTHING is in my control. I’ve had to take a lot of thoughts captive and be thankful for one day at a time of getting to be this girl’s momma. Not to mention the humility of all the changes going on physically, having to ask for help and having to cut back on sessions/weddings.
What are your must have daily products?
I’m a hippie at heart. :) My must haves are my big green Nalgene water bottle, my
essential oils, green tea, an occasional almond milk latte & Lush bath bombs. I would
also have a hard time having to do without my husband and I’s synced Google Calendar.

Follow along with Amanda

Website | Instagram | Facebook

yWedding images by Amanda Jameson Weddings // Headshots by Michelle Boyd Photography
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Great interview! I love Amanda and her heart for the Gospel!

Edie Curtis

In the rush to live our lives we forget to live our lives. This is a beautiful piece.